(Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing)

Feeling stuck? Most clients starting therapy are coming in because they feel stuck. You have probably tried a lot of different ways to problem solve your situation and nothing seems to be working. The good news is that we have science on our side! Research has found how to stimulate the brain's natural healing process.

I see amazing improvements and results with EMDR. I have witnessed the power of big changes sometimes in just 1 session of EMDR. Often times we have habits and patterns that we struggle with changing, but EMDR can help you re-wire your thinking for a healthier and more optimal way of functioning. No it's not hypnosis or brain washing! We're simply helping your brain follow it's natural healing process and moving the obstacles out of the way. 

Wish you could feel confident at the drop of a hat? Or feel calm and think clearly in the midst of a crisis? There are so many different tools that can be helpful if you use them in those moments, but it's hard to remember when you're in a stressful situation. With EMDR, those tools are stored in your brain and it's a lot easier to use them even in a state of crisis. 

Do you find yourself bracing for something bad to happen? Maybe certain things remind you or spark feelings of something you've been through in the past? EMDR can take away the intensity of those triggers and give you the clarity of mind to recognize the difference between what you're facing now and what you went through in the past. 

EMDR therapy is different than the usual "talk therapy" because it uses a left and right eye movement, tapping, or sound to help the brain process and "digest" information, emotions, memories, and body sensations.





This is the natural way our brains process information usually during REM sleep. It helps the brain heal from intrusive memories and emotions of the past while making new and healthy connections.


People often describe it as "getting unstuck" and being able to recall the memories without feeling like they are reliving it.

If you find yourself frequently going into "survival mode" or crisis, this helps you retrain your mind to a calmer state and only react in crisis when it truly is necessary, by allowing you to take a step back, breathe and think logically when faced with challenges. It is effective for treating trauma, anxiety, panic, depression, grief, anger, and other mental health issues.

As this approach is different than most talk therapy, you may find you have more questions about it and need more information. If you live in Colorado and are interested in learning more, please call or email me to discuss if EMDR may be right for you. I would love to answer your questions and explain in more in depth. 



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