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Having a Baby is Harder Than I Thought!- Online Therapeutic Support Group for Moms: You're not failing, not a bad mom, & NOT alone. Pregnancy & the 1st year postpartum is tough for many moms. This group gives safety to address common issues in the 1st year with feeling overwhelmed & isolated, fears & worries, changes to your identity & relationships, anxiety & depression, & difficulty bonding with your baby. Lets build a connected community of moms. We will learn & practice tools for calming bodies & minds, problem solve ways to get much needed self care, & find creative ways to manage the stress. Babies welcome. This 8 week group is from the comfort & convenience of home via video chat for any Colorado moms in the 1st year postpartum. Come as you are- sweats, messy hair, crying baby in arms and all. We won't judge and we've all been there. 

Women's Mindful Meditation Group: Learn to take charge of your mood through using mindful awareness and meditation. Practice being present in the moment. Mindfulness can improve physical & mental health by decreasing the impact of stress. Learn to take a break from your racing, anxious or depressed mind to find peace/calm. Relate with other women through your journey of mindfulness and the real life struggles of implementing it. Start your weekend with a dose of calm & mindfulness. A great way to leave the stress of work behind. Groups will meet online via video conference at designated day and time.

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Interview with a pelvic floor physical therapist on ways moms can reclaim their bodies after pregnancy: Thursday May 16th, 2019 at 4:00 mst on Facebook Live here


Previous Events:

Live Webinar Saturday June 2, 2018:

How to Build Strength When Work Has You Down- for Women in STEM & High Pressure Careers

Feeling like crying in the bathroom stalls at work may not happen every day, but what do you do when it does? 

Want to find out how to feel more EMPOWERED and to be ASSERTIVE at work? Want to learn some tricks to handling conflicts? 


I am offering a one time only, live webinar for you to take away some steps that you can do today.


Join me in discussing How to Build Strength When Work Has You Down- for Women in STEM & High Pressure Careers!


We will be discussing many of the obstacles that women in these high pressure careers and male dominated fields experience such as struggling to be heard at work, feeling undervalued, facing frequent conflicts with coworkers or bosses, and feeling like an impostor. We will share some stories of these experiences, but we will also be addressing specific tools and skills that could help in these situations. 


The Webinar will be live on Saturday June 2, 2018 from 11 am -12 pm MST

You will learn: 

  • How Perfectionism Impacts Your Work and Mindset

  • Steps to Improving Your Work Confidence

  • Tips on Setting & Maintaining Boundaries with Colleagues

  • Ways to Communicate Clearly and Assertively

  • Tricks to Addressing Conflict with Colleagues


Consider joining us for this great opportunity to make your life easier at work! It's always a great time for a new and improved work life!


Join us for this live event and take away some steps that you can do today!


Webinar Disclaimer:

I understand that this webinar is a one-time educational event with an optional personal sharing component. This is not therapy. I agree to not share the name of my employer and/or school or the names of any people involved when choosing to share about my own experiences. Furthermore, I understand that this is a free event with no charge or obligations.


Sign up for this free webinar - How to Build Strength When Work Has You Down - by visiting my Contact page and choose Contact Form. Please share why you are interested in this event and what you hope to get from it and if you would like to hear about upcoming events and resources.