Becoming a mom is a big deal! Life certainly changes, relationships shift, values become clearer and there is so much to do and to think about when you want what's best for your child. 


The transition into motherhood is one of life's greatest and hardest journeys. Why go through it alone? 


In the midst of the mommy wars and confusing messages we are bombarded with for best ways to parent, we all could use some parenting support from an expert on how the brain works instead of based on opinions. Why sort through all the overwhelming information and choices alone when you can have support and guidance to find the healthiest, most effective and balanced approaches?

Every new mom can use the warm, caring guidance and supportive education of this New Mom Wellness Package. 


It takes a village to raise kids, but in today's society we are often far from our families or our loved ones are unable to help new parents through the transition in those first few years. So, we go it alone. We often don’t learn about the way children develop or the shifts that happen in our own brain biology like “mommy brain” and the effects of sleep deprivation.


That is why I am offering a New Mom Wellness Package to support you through the transition into parenthood. In this program we will meet 12 times over a 6 month period by phone or live video chat to explore the wheel of wellness for moms, addressing each of these topics:

  • parenting decisions,

  • work-life balance (including stay at home mom duties),

  • how to know if postpartum hormones could be affecting you,

  • cultural and societal expectations impacting parenting and self-care,

  • body changes and identity shifts after pregnancy,

  • parenting as a team


Let’s get real and talk about those things that come with being a mom that no one ever talks about. Together we can build your village up so that you don’t have to re-create the wheel of parenting all on your own.


Sign up now for the 6 months of support.

Plus as an added bonus, any mom that signs up will get access to a library of videos with expert discussions to help new moms ease their stress about a variety of topics including breastfeeding, NICU hospital stays, postpartum body recover, early childhood development and interventions, how acupuncture can help women’s hormones and moods, tips for improved communication in relationships, traveling and camping with a baby, and many more!


For more information on this, you can go to my life coaching website here or contact me now for a free consult.