We've all been there- feeling frazzled, in a sleepless daze, rushing to change yet another poopy diaper before needing to be somewhere, but you haven't had a second to get yourself ready. That's right, you've spent your whole tired morning getting your twins+ ready to get out the door, calling out constant reminders for your kids to do this and that (where are your shoes!?!). Can you really go out in public in the sweats you wore for 3 days straight, hair unbrushed and unwashed? Yes, you can. And you can still FEEL GOOD about yourself!

Look there are some times that you really just have to get out of the house whether it be to take an older kid to school or because you are about to lose it being cooped up at home for too long. Don’t let your twin-momma-style cramp your lifestyle.

Here are some tricks to feeling better about yourself when you feel like a frazzled mess.


1) Keep a hat by the door. No time to brush your unwashed hair? Just cover it up. No one will notice.


2) Cute accessories ready to go. You may be wearing the same yoga pants from yesterday, but if you add a cute jacket, (baby friendly) necklace, or scarf you may feel jazzed up for the day. Added bonus is that some of these accessories can cover up the spit up on your shirt or give you a layer to take off if the spit up (or dirty food hands on your clothes) happen latter in the day. P.s. They make sweatpants that look like jeans!

3) Dry shampoo is your friend. What moms of twins+ have time to shower every day? (Crickets) You don't have to look and feel unwashed just because you couldn't get a minute away from the crying babies (or toddlers getting into everything). Freshen up with some dry shampoo and deodorant, and you're good to go!


4) Keep an emergency kit in your diaper bag or car... Emergency self care that is! Wet wipes to bird bathe, deodorant, body spray, dry shampoo or a hat, tooth brush & mints. We often don't have time as we're running around, but I know several mommas that can take a minute in a parked car when they get where they're going even if they are late. All it takes is the right tools on hand. Inevitably my twins fall asleep in the car just a couple minutes before we are at our destination, so it's the perfect time to freshen up and give them a couple more zzzs. Now you're ready to go into the store or on that playdate feeling better about yourself.


5) Keep snacks and water bottles everywhere. We often get too caught up between changing and feeding, rocking and shushing with all our kids that we forget to eat or drink, or we just didn't have the time to take a break. While there isn't a whole lot that can be done to fix your temporary sleep deprivation or take loads of work off your plate, fueling your body is one simple fix to help you manage it all. Make it easier on yourself momma. Keep a snack basket by the rocking chair, the couch, a bag of snacks in your car and diaper bag. Make sure you always have what you need near where you spend your time so that you can sneak in those bites and drinks in between "Rock-a-bye baby" verses. This is a great habit to keep for your toddlers and growing kids too because snacks can be a lifesaver when your kid is hangry and starting to melt down. 



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