Raising twins is so much more than I ever imagined.

I read so many articles about how hard it is and about different challenges that often come up with twins from pregnancy, the first year, to toddlers running in different directions and potty training... And I know there are many considerations for school-aged twins and the teen years too.

While there are so many things that makes parenting twins the hardest job I'll ever have, it's important to also realize the wonderful and unique situation. Because it truly is something special and not everyone gets to be a part of the twin club.   

From the time my girls were 2 months old they were already holding each other's hand while being tandem fed. They regularly cuddled up to each other and didn't mind the other one occasionally swinging arms or legs (getting whacked in the face at times).

Tracing back to their relationship even in utero, I was excited watching them interact in the first trimester (yes 10 & 12 weeks) when Baby A would routinely bounce around and bop the other while my Baby B just stayed mellow and didn't seem to mind. 


Yes, watching the relationship my twins have with each other is THE BEST!

This is the joy I've hoped and dreamed of since the day I was told that I was expecting twins. 

Of course, there are plenty of stressors and major life adjustments to parenting twins/multiples.

From day one my mind instantly went to financial strains, wondering about how to feed extra members of our household, having to upgrade our car to accommodate the car seats and a double stroller, how many diapers 2 babies will go through, and the list goes on. 


While I was excited for joining the twin tribe and looked forward to how special and different my experience was going to be, there was also some grief. I absolutely love both of my twin babies and wouldn't change a thing... But I worried that I wouldn't be able to parent the way I wanted to and that my parenting philosophy would have to change. Not to mention that every twin/multiples pregnancy is considered high risk, so I grieved over not being able to go through pregnancy and delivery the way I wanted to.... Or even call the shots most of the time. 


Unfortunately, a lot of medical decisions are made for you when in a high-risk pregnancy. I had to grieve over not having the birth of my choosing. Nothing went as I expected either…. Although I've come to realize that is PARENTING in general and not twin specific. 

As I watch my twins smiling at each other, giggling over what the other one is doing, fighting over toys, and the like, I realize how fortunate I am to have such a beautiful family and have my heart overloaded with love.

Yes, there are so many stressful logistics that come with being a parent of twins, but the joy, laughter, cuddles and sibling love is exponentially more. And I look forward to seeing their beautiful and unique relationship with each other continue to grow through the years.