Don't Burst at the Seams, Make Time for Yourself- How Online Therapy Can Help

There's never any time for a mom (heck we can't even have privacy in the bathroom!). So how can you possibly fit in self care? 

I've been a stay at home mom with my infant twins and I've been a working mom. In both situations there was never an easy time for me to take care of me. 

It was so hard to figure out a piece of time that I was not on mom-duty or busy rushing around to get things done (work, errands or house work). There were definitely times when I felt I was going to lose my mind because I couldn't fit in a break or some 'me time' and everything kept piling up.... It was so overwhelming! 


So what can you do to keep your sanity when you have little kids that need you to keep up and things still have to get done?

Taking care of yourself must be a priority. I know- we moms put it last on the list as a luxury item that we'll get to when we can, after everything else is taken care of. But that's going to run you ragged and you will get to a bursting point where you just can't handle any more. You will have nothing left to give. You need to find some balance. 


Can the dishes wait for another day? Yes- even if you don't like how piled up they are in the sink, the dishes are not more important than you! Can the laundry wait? Actually it can and no one will be hurt by having to wear something that's not their favorite or even re-wearing something that hasn't been cleaned yet. It's alright if your kids wear their clothes twice before it gets washed. That doesn't make you a bad mom and there is nothing wrong with it. Something has got to give, and it's better for it to be the laundry than yourself or your kids.


There are some ways you can manage your stress just by changing your mindset. This takes a lot of practice and may even take help from a therapist to give you guidance on what expectations need to change so you can have some time for you and be your best self. 


So then the question becomes: how can you find time for counseling if you don't even have a minute for yourself? 


This is where we need to get creative. Luckily more and more people are making the switch to online therapy. 


What is online therapy?

You can fit in time with a therapist by phone, video, text or email. We will have scheduled appointment times where we "meet" online and talk just as we would in my office, but much more conveniently. 

Do you have little kids that still nap during the day? Perfect time for an appointment and no babysitter needed! Maybe you have older kids that can watch TV or play a game to buy you some time? Or even after you put the kids to bed for the night? 

If you're a working mom with no time between work and getting the kids, this could be great for you too! You can meet with me on your lunch break without tacking on travel time. Whether you have a private office space or need to chat from the privacy of your parked car, let's get creative together and give you the self-care time that you need! 


Parenting is hard work and all-consuming at times. You deserve to feel supported, heard and encouraged towards the life you want.


You can make time for yourself and it will help you to be at your best. Your family will benefit from it too! You just need some support, new ideas and maybe some help managing it all. Online therapy or phone therapy can do just that. 

I'm here for you Momma! And we can figure this out together. 


Find out more information and frequently asked questions about online therapy here.  And for information about my online therapeutic support group for Colorado moms in the 1st year postpartum, click here