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Starting a new job or bringing up pay raises have many challenges. Many women never negotiate their salaries and of those that do, many don’t feel confident in negotiating. Women in science careers often find themselves being underpaid in comparison to their male colleagues. While their fields are frequently male dominated, this is no reason for women to be paid less or valued less. It can be hard finding your voice and knowing what to say when negotiating feels like a confrontation. For most of us it causes anxiety. Here are some things to know before you start:


Tricks to Getting Your Voice Heard in Meetings

Women in science careers often face being one of the few females at work and in meetings. Some women find themselves wanting to scream in the meetings when they are being shushed, ignored, and belittled for the hundredth time. Some try to avoid meetings all together or feel fed up and cry in the bathroom stalls after their work has been undervalued and their voices have been quieted by colleagues and supervisors. Unfortunately this is a common scenario for women in many science fields.  While their work environments are behind the times in gender equality, there are some things that women can do to take a stronger stance.

There are ways to feel more confident and empowered to speak up and get your point across in those meetings when shushing occurs. And it can be done without screaming, swearing, or being aggressive.



Ever wonder why the term “mindfulness” comes up often with wellness and therapy? It turns out that finding ways to be mindful, or present in the moment, can have health benefits like lowering blood pressure, calm emotions like stress, anxiety & anger, and can help you feel centered. Use these tips to give yourself a little peaceful break in your day, or to help fight off panic attacks. 

1. Count with your senses. Look around the room and list in detail 5 different objects you see. Name 4 different textures you feel right now (the cushion of your chair, your clothing, your feet in your shoes…). Name 3 things you can hear (an air vent, cars outside the window, a clock ticking…). Name 2 things you can taste. Name 1 scent you smell. 

2. Do the math! While driving in the car notice the numbers around you on speed signs and license plates. Do simple math with each by adding 4 and 5 on a 45 mph speed limit sign. 

3. Stop and smell the roses. Literally walk outside and stop at any plant or flower. Take a moment to smell the plant, feel the texture of it, and look closely at the details of each leaf/petal/branch. 

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10 Tips for Relaxing a Restless Mind

1.  Tense Your Muscles! Starting with your feet and working your way up your body, tense each muscle group for 5 seconds then let go. Squeeze the muscles in your feet 2 times, then your calves, thighs, etc. Notice the sensation in each body part after the release.

2.   Notice Your Surroundings. Listen to the noises around you- can you hear out the window or the air vent? Feel the textures surrounding you, notice the scent (clothing, soaps/lotions, etc.), and look at the shapes and colors around you.

3.  Imagine You Are in Paradise. Paint the scene using your senses to fully imagine you are in a picturesque paradise like relaxing on a beach. Feel the sand beneath your feet, hear the waves crashing on the beach, sense the ocean spray, listen to birds squawking overhead, smell and taste the salty air.

4.  Write It Down and Leave It Behind! Whatever is on your mind, whether it is your growing to-do list or events from the day, write it down to revisit at a later time and give yourself permission to stop thinking about it. You can end your day leaving these notes behind and pick them up the next day.