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Let's face it, the early years of having kids can be hard on a relationship. Not to mention just how stressful the first year is adjusting to having twins, dealing with a crazy lack of sleep, fluctuating hormones, financial strains, and no time for self-care... This all adds up to a rough patch in a relationship. Some couples have a hard time dealing with stress together and they end up bickering, fighting, or drifting apart from each other. 


You don't have to throw in the towel on your relationship though. A rough patch doesn't mean it's over. It's normal for relationships to have ups and downs like a roller-coaster. That's why wedding vows often mention "through good times and bad".

If you both are willing to work through the hard times then it's worth taking steps to remember why you're together and find ways to enjoy each other. Here are 9 ways to strengthen your relationship:

Raising twins is so much more than I ever imagined.

I read so many articles about how hard it is and about different challenges that often come up with twins from pregnancy, the first year, to toddlers running in different directions and potty training... And I know there are many considerations for school-aged twins and the teen years too.

While there are so many things that makes parenting twins the hardest job I'll ever have, it's important to also realize the wonderful and unique situation. Because it truly is something special and not everyone gets to be a part of the twin club.   

From the time my girls were 2 months old they were already holding each other's hand while being tandem fed. They regularly cuddled up to each other and didn't mind the other one occasionally swinging arms or legs (getting whacked in the face at times).

Tracing back to their relationship even in utero, I was excited watching them interact in the first trimester (yes 10 & 12 weeks) when Baby A would routinely bounce around and bop the other while my Baby B just stayed mellow and didn't seem to mind. 


Yes, watching the relationship my twins have with each other is THE BEST!

This is the joy I've hoped and dreamed of since the day I was told that I was expecting twins. 

Of course, there are plenty of stressors and major life adjustments to parenting twins/multiples.


We've all been there- feeling frazzled, in a sleepless daze, rushing to change yet another poopy diaper before needing to be somewhere, but you haven't had a second to get yourself ready. That's right, you've spent your whole tired morning getting your twins+ ready to get out the door, calling out constant reminders for your kids to do this and that (where are your shoes!?!). Can you really go out in public in the sweats you wore for 3 days straight, hair unbrushed and unwashed? Yes, you can. And you can still FEEL GOOD about yourself!

Look there are some times that you really just have to get out of the house whether it be to take an older kid to school or because you are about to lose it being cooped up at home for too long. Don’t let your twin-momma-style cramp your lifestyle.

Here are some tricks to feeling better about yourself when you feel like a frazzled mess.


Being a mom of twins, I'm all too familiar with the hard situations that come up when giving birth. I've experienced some myself and have been by friends that have gone through births that didn't go the way they planned or imagined.

Whether you had a high-risk pregnancy (like those with health complications or pregnancy with multiples), or a run-of-the-mill 'normal' pregnancy, unexpected things can happen to anyone at any time in a pregnancy or birth. Sometimes it's tragic and ends in loss. Often times we all survive but struggle to make sense of what we've gone through and all the thoughts and feelings we have with it. 

From day one of finding out you are pregnant, you imagined what life is going to be like with this new little baby. You researched and planned out how you want your pregnancy and birth to happen. You made choices and poured your heart and soul into each decision. 

But what happens when everything gets thrown off track? 

Online Therapy: What? Why? And is it Right for Me?


More and more services are being offered online these days. Medical services and even counseling are now being   offered from the comfort of your own home or office through video chat services. Don’t    worry your privacy is still upheld- the medical providers and therapists should be using    secure and  confidential web servers that offer HIPAA compliance to follow the federal     mandates. 

With online therapy you still meet ‘face to face’ with a qualified therapist, only it is happening on your computer screen. 

Below are some considerations of whether or not online therapy may be right for you.