Lindsey Lowrance is available for video cast and podcast interviews on the following topics: 

  • •  Avoid divorce and stop screaming at your kids

    •  Thriving in the challenges of twin parenting

    •  Feel good in your own skin - confidence and self esteem in being true to yourself and your way of parenting.

    •  How to stand your ground with confidence and speak up for yourself

    •  Great sex after having kids- twin mom's guide to intimate connection

    •  Romance and significant conversation while parenting and stressed - twin mom's guide to relationships

    •  Parenting kids when your childhood was difficult - twin mom's guide to navigating your baggage

    •  How to choose a therapist and get help from the comfort of your home- twin mom's guide to online therapy


 And other topics related to maternal mental health, trauma, and wellness. 


Lindsey Lowrance is a mom of 3 young kids including twins & mental health therapist at Exploring Inner Peace. Lindsey is passionate about helping twin moms Go from Drained & Distracted to Powerful & Fulfilled! She has helped hundreds of women in Colorado to feel more confident and battle stress over the past 7 years. She can be contacted at


Lindsey Lowrance official photo