Are you tired of bursting at the seams with anger at work after being hushed in a meeting or having a colleague take credit for your ideas... for the hundredth time?

You can have a powerful presence at work, get the respect you deserve and have your voice heard.

What you have to say is important and should be valued. And you deserve the tools you need to make navigating work stress, as well as other life obstacles easier.

I help women in STEM careers, and other high performance professionals, navigate challenging circumstances and relationships more fluidly so you can consistently make a bigger impact. Women scientists are always making new discoveries and helping to make the world a better place through advancing knowledge, and I am passionate about making that journey easier for you.


Do you find yourself carrying around pain and insecurity from the past? Getting shut down at work can really make you feel on edge, enraged or depressed. Wouldn't it be great to feel strong, confident and in control? Unlike reading another self help book on how to talk to your colleagues and supervisors, or avoiding those meetings and confrontations all together- hoping if you wait it out it will get better on its own, I can help you understand how to deal with the stress, anxiety & personal triggers that keep you from being your best self at work.

I will help you develop insight into the culture at your workplace & develop strategies specific to your situation. We will explore techniques and develop crucial skills together to help you succeed at work while respecting your emotions & making the best use of your skills & talents.


Resources for you:

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Colorado Crisis Services Phone 844-493-8255 or TEXT "Talk" to 38255

National Suicide Prevention Hotline 24/7 support 800-273-TALK (8255)